Index: Awards, Board, Communications, Community Service, Financial Review, Fundraising, Inter-club Relations, Membership, Nominating, Programs, Social Events


Chairpersons: Dawn Egan
Members: not specified

Description: The club’s Awards Committee identifies proposes awards to be given to given by the club, including qualifications and other criteria, the material and monetary, if any, form of the award. for board approval.

The committee identifies candidates and and selects the recipients of these club awards, prepares the awards for presentation at a club meeting.

In addition, the award winners and their families are invited to a Kiwanis Meeting and the Summer Picnic event to meet the Club Members. The Committee also assures publicity concerning these awards is provided to the Community at Large.



Chairpersons: Amy Jenner
Members: Reed Ameden, [vacant], Woody Bliss, Karen Chrisley, Phyllis Gary, Hutch Hutchins, Dallas Kersey, Dan Lerner, Harry Spencer, Steve Thomas, Bob Uzenoff, Tom Watson, David Weber


The board consists of the five officers elected for one year terms and ten directors elected for staggered two-year terms. Terms are October 1 through September 30.

The board provides general management of the club not otherwise delegated to the membership in its bylaws or club policies, assures the club complies with applicable governmental rules and regulations, determines the good-standing status of members by club policy, and performs other duties as provided in the bylaws and club policies.



Chairpersons: Harry Falber
Members: Tom Glass, Harry Spencer, Lisa Wexler

Purpose: Responsible for community outreach and engagement.

Duties: Developing, updating, and monitoring social networking accounts consistent with the social media policy and Kiwanis newsletter content to attract and retain current and prospective members.


Community Service

Chairpersons: Tom Failla, Allison Lisbon
Members: Karen Chrisley, Frank Ferrara, Dan Gilbert, Ed Hutchins, Tom Johnson, Martin Mohabeer, Steve Thomas

Purpose: Support Kiwanis’ fifth Object, “To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build a better community.” through the delivery of impactful service to the community.

Duties: The Community Service Committee shall study, devise and suggest methods and means whereby this club can render effective community services. The committee shall develop a community service budget based on available funds and shall submit such budget to the board of directors for its approval no later than the November board meeting.


Financial Review

Chairpersons: Reed Ameden, Harry Spencer
Members: not specified



8.3. The club’s financial records will be examined annually by either (a) a qualified accounting firm; or (b) a standing financial review committee, as provided in club policy. The club’s accounting records will be available for inspection by the accounting firm or the committee and, upon request, by the president or board. A written report of the annual financial examination shall be submitted to the board.


To perform its annual financial examination as stated in Bylaws section 8.3, this club: Has a standing financial review committee composed of two or more qualified** club members, excluding any board members.

Selection of the members will be determined by vote of the club board.

Committee members’ terms shall be for one year each, October 1 – September 30. It is recommended that no person serve more than three (3) consecutive terms.

Note: An annual examination of financial records should include, but not be limited to, bank reconciliations, income, disbursements, budgets, balance sheets and income and expense statements for both the administrative and service accounts, budgets, and any other financial records or reports of the club.



Chairpersons: not specified
Members: Harry Falber, Tom Glass

Purpose: Raise funds to support youth projects/programs.

Duties: Raise funds.


Inter-club Relations

Chairpersons: Bob Uzenoff
Members: not specified

Purpose: Support Kiwanis’ fifth Object, “To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build a better community” by arranging visits to and from other clubs in our division and district, as well as inter-district get-togethers.

Duties: Coordinate meetings, visits, projects, and programs with other Kiwanis clubs and Kiwanis Family members.



Chairpersons: Juan Negroni, David Weber
Members: Harold Falber, Dedi Merced

Purpose: The committee’s purpose is to retain existing members and to recruit new members.

Duties: To accomplish this, the Membership Committee must work closely with the Program Committee and the Community Services Committee.



Chairpersons: Dallas Kersey
Members: Woody Bliss, Tom Failla, Tom Glass, Amy Jenner, Harry Spencer, Tom Watson

Purpose: Identify and nominate candidates for officers and directors to fill vacant seats prior to annual meeting. Other vacancies should be nominated within 60 days of his/her resignation.

Duties: Identify and nominate candidates for 5 officers and 5 directors to fill vacant seats prior to annual meeting. Successors should be nominated within 60 days of his/her resignation. Traditionally the Nominating Committee consists of a majority of our past presidents, the current president and the president-elect.



Chairpersons: Tom Glass
Members: Lisa Wexler

Purpose: The Program Committee identifies and arranges programs for club meetings.

Duties: Evaluates existing programs, oversees program expansion or development, and facilitates board conversations about its programs.


Social Events

Chairpersons: Karen Chrisley, Jacqui Morrison
Members: not specified

Purpose: Provide fun and engaging social activities for everyone in Kiwanis.

Duties: The Social Events Committee plans and executes events designed to foster club member fellowship and family fun. The
committee aims at financially breaking even annually.